We come together from vastly different backgrounds, driven by our passion and common beliefs. We have a member with vast knowledge on computational design, one who is experienced in configuring mobile robotics, and another who is passionate and knowledgeable in robotic arms and 3D printing. We believe that processes should be frictionless yet improved, using methods that embrace synergy of computational resources and robotics. Moving forward, we believe there will be many more who share our vision that will join us in our journey.

We are currently providing services to clients with our mobile platform that can operate reliably and supporting clients with our know-how in Robotic Operating System (ROS). With computational capabilities, the potential of the solution is compounded.

T-Bot has done a rudimentary exercise that demonstrates our capabilities in computational design with the development of a program that take a two dimensional digital entity and transform it into a three dimensional object.

With computational capabilities and hardware working in tandem, the extraordinary can be achieved.

By the young, for the future