Sustainable and scalable

Unleash geometric freedom

New aesthetic and functional possibilities

Economical and operational feasibility

The piece measures 1280mm by 605mm and was printed in 155 minutes.

Light bounces off this piece in uniform waves, reflecting the fine control of the process. The piece measures 800mm by 800mm and was printed in 112 minutes.

Battle tested: Three concrete castings were done on Curtain in the Wind. This involved the mould withstanding around 70kg of concrete that was poured on top of it and stripped from the cast three separate times. Castings can be done with the sideform upright (pictured above), not with the desired surface facing up which was done. The test was to determine the robustness of the object. Curtain in the Wind measures 510mm by 700mm and was printed in an hour.

Thinking big: These two pieces are curved ever so slightly to form part of an arc. Stacked on top of each other, they measure 1500mm by 2680mm and were printed in 12 hours.

Fine control of the arm and its sensors for 3D printing is just the start.

We are making strides in mastering mobile manipulation.